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What does Bonn Boni mean?

Bonn Boni in Arabic means candy or something sweet. It originates from the French word bonbon which is commonly used throughout the region with some variations. Some people think Bonn Boni is named after me and call me Boni. I love it and don't mind at all.   

Where are you from?

I think this question is asked because Falafel and Shawarma can be commonly found in so many countries. People may assume that our food is rooted in my country of birth or perhaps where my parents may be from. Our food is not traditional but rather inspired by Middle Eastern flavors that I grew up. It's also influenced by years of participating at farmers markets and my desire to eat healthy flavorful food. We like to keep it fun and put a twist on things if we can but will never sacrifice flavor to be trendy.  

Where are you located?

Our cart can be found in Arlington during the lunch hours of 11-2ish, "ish" because sometimes we sell out before 2. The cart schedule can vary based on weather, holidays or scheduling of private events. Check out our locations or call us directly to see where you can find us.  

Can I rent the cart for a event?

Yes you can. We can cover everything from savory to sweet. Contact us to work out the date, food and logistics.