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FAQ Cakes

We are a small boutique bakery, food cart & everything in-between. Due to our small size we can only accept very limited orders. To place an order we kindly ask that your cake serves at minimum 30 people and you book well in advance of your special date.

What are your prices?

The starting costs of our tiered cakes is $6 per serving. A majority of our decorated cakes average from $7 to $10 per serving depending on the complexity of the cake. Highly detailed and sculpted cakes start at $12 per serving. Cupcakes start at $3 each. Because we are a custom cake shop we are able to design a cake within your budget without sacrificing quality.

What does the tasting include and why do I have to pay ahead before the appointment?

Tastings apply only to wedding cakes or large events. Expect to discuss the design of your cake while tasting delicious samples. Appointments can average 30 to 60 minutes. A $25 payment is required to reserve and confirm the appointment time. When Bonn Boni is selected as the baker the $25 fee is deducted from the total cost of the cake.   

What are your cake servings?

All of our cakes both weddings and celebrations are 3 layers with two layers of filling. Cakes are about 4 inches high.

I'm not sure what design I want.

Knowing the number of guests will help you determine the size of your cake. From there we can decide what design elements you would like incorporated into the cake.

Cakes can be multi-tiered, elaborately detailed or simple and elegant lending to a classic look. Inspiration may come from within yourself or maybe your environment. Magazines or books may also help with your selection. Wedding cake designs may also come from a variety of sources such as the brides dress, invitations, architecture, bedding or other fabrics. Maybe you already have a design in mind. We are more than happy to put your custom touch on your cake. Don’t worry if you do not have a design in mind. We have plenty of magazines and books that you can look through for ideas. We will also take the time and create a rough sketch of the cake you envision.

How much are 3D Cakes?

We love to make cakes unique and unforgettable. Our cakes are stacked and carved to not look like cake. Prices of 3D cakes start at $9-15 a serving. Because a sturdy cake foundation is needed only the following flavors are available for 3D cakes; Vanilla, Yellow, Chocolate, Marble, White, Red Velvet, or Strawberry butter cake. 

What do fondant toppers cost?

It really all depends on what type of topper you need. Keep in mind toppers are hand crafted which is quite time consuming. Cupcake toppers typically start at $1 ea and increase depending on design. Fondant toppers start at $15, but expect to pay $150 for a custom couple topper to adorn your cake. Toppers can be saved indefinitely under the right conditions. A glass enclosure purchased on Ebay can display your toppers if it is kept away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Why do you not make sheet cakes?  

Sheet cakes may be ordered in addition to wedding or celebration cakes with servings of 100 or more. Because we are not a volume bakery we can't offer the cost savings that sheet cakes provide. At Bonn Boni we also enjoy creating something unique, perhaps try a tall layer cake for your next event.

Can I taste a cake sample before I order?

Unfortunately not since our desserts are made fresh to order. Our desserts will never be overly sweet as we believe sugar should not be the first thing you taste. If you would like to sample a flavor, undecorated 6 inch cakes can be purchased for $15. Tastings may be arranged for smaller orders for a fee of $30 that is non-refundable.